Blockchain Art

New Fairy Tailes

the NFTs (non-fungible token) will revolutionize my art practice

Gallery NFTs

Here are my paintings currently available. The list will grow but I'm taking my time to explore this new world and create cool stuff ;)
The owner will have a unique 2k image with my original signature to differentiate it from others


From here to Ethereum!

I didn't want to part with my original works or exhibit them without being sure they will be safe and I was just looking for a way to stay on the web forever so thanks to the Blockchain! Now that each digital work will be truly unique I can finally create NFTs of each of my real works and use them in new projects. You can already see the start of my virtual gallery with OVR here But it's just the beginning : each of my NFT will be more than an image and will participate in my life project!